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Sign the ACTA Communiqué and Tell Negotiators to Protect Your Rights

June 24th, 2010 17:34 pm | by Ed |

The next round of negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will be underway in less than a week. The ATCA was originally supposed to reduce the flow of fake physical goods across borders. Unfortunately, it's grown into something that reaches FAR beyond counterfeit physical goods. It is being used as a way to clamp down tight controls on the internet.

These controls will limit your freedom considerably. Under the ATCA, people that are merely accused of copyright violations will be disconnected without even so much as the slightest chance to defend themselves.

ISPs will be required to serve as copyright cops, monitoring people's downloads and cutting them off for suspected or accused violations.

This is no longer about fake physical goods. The ATCA has been turned into a weapon that "big content" is using against everyone, even the innocent in their efforts to control and essentially own all creative content.

Public Knowledge has issued an action alert, inviting users to send a wake-up call to the Administration about the dangerous policies in ACTA. Visit Public Knowledge NOW and make your voice heard!

It takes less than a minute to fill out the form on that page and add your voice to the effort to get the Obama administration to wake up and realize that the ATCA must be stopped.

Isn't your internet freedom worth one measly minute?

I sure think so. Here's the link again, click on it and take a stand for your rights!


You can ignore it and some day you will wish that you had taken that one minute to be part of stopping the ATCA.

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