Some Viruses Come Pre-Installed

All those handy new gadgets coming out these days that so conveniently connect to your computer’s USB port are proving to be a source of trouble that many didn’t expect.

That’s because lots of them are showing up in stores with viruses pre-installed on the device. Intended to run when they’re connected to a computer they do all sorts of things from stealing passwords to downloading more malware and turning your computer into part of a zombie net that generates spam.

Interestingly enough, there’s a China Connection here. Seems that most of this stuff is being made in Chinese factories. Looks not much different from the tainted products problems that have been coming out of China for the last couple of years. Wonder what they’re up to?

Some of the affected devices include: Apple iPods, digital picture frames, TomTom navigation gear.

Basically, before you plug some unknown device into your USB port, make sure you’ve got your anti-virus software up to date and running. Then if the device allows access like it’s a hard drive, it’s a good idea to scan it to make sure nothing’s there that you don’t want.

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