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What's Better Than Completing A Collection?

June 25th, 2010 14:10 pm | by Ed |

... getting the whole thing at once! Especially when you can find ten seasons on sale in a single package!

A few years after it actually came out, I got to see the original Stargate movie and was impressed with it. It was a unique type of story that built on myths and legends of ancient Egypt. I remember thinking then that they not only did a great job with the movie but that they had also left it open for a sequel.

Sadly, though I and many others thought that it certainly deserved one, a sequel was never actually made. A few years later I heard of a new science fiction tv series called Stargate SG-1. However because of my schedule and the time slot that the show ran in, I was not able to get a look at it until it was well into the fifth season.

When I was finally able to start watching it, I was hooked in very short order. I was even able to find reruns of the earlier season that just happened at that time to be starting at the first episode of season one.

By the time the reruns got to season three, we found the season one DVD set and began collecting them. We got the second season set soon after that and then our collecting had to stop because of assorted difficulties.

Somewhere along the line the station doing the reruns finally changed their schedule and Stargat SG-1 was no longer part of it. I also missed a whole lot of the new episodes as they were being shown on the other station. Then suddenly it was season ten and the show was coming to an end.

I've been meaning for a long time to get the rest of the collection so that I can finally see all of what I've missed over those years and now the whole series is in a single package. I sure hope I can manage to jump on this while it's still available!!

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