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I Gotta Try This Out

July 5th, 2010 19:55 pm | by Ed |

Sometimes I think life is just plain unfair. For example, Now that I finally have a computer that isn't actually a working example of archaic technology complete with three gigabytes of ram and a dual core processor, I found out that the current version of Adobe After Effects still won't run on it.

The main reason is because while I *think* the machine is capable of 64 bit operation (I don't know right offhand, I haven't looked at the specs in a while), I have a 32 bit OS and I have no intention of changing things. Heck, I just got settled with this new machine! No way do I want to go changing things that much. Besides, I don't have enough offline storage capacity to backup everything I've got on it nor do I know for certain that it would all work on a 64 bit OS.

Fortunately there is still hope. While it isn't possible (that I know of) to get After Effects CS4 from Adobe anymore because they're all about CS5 these days, I have found that After Effects CS4 can still be found on sale.

Of course, I still need to overcome the obstacle of pricing but I think that $650 is a heck of a lot easier to overcome than the $1,000 that CS5 is going for.

And you know what, I honestly believe that I *need* this software. I've been getting more and more into making videos and time and time again I keep finding myself having to find ways to hack through a shortcoming of something that I'm using now that AE CS4 would be able to do without any problems at all. Just the advanced motion tracking capabilities alone would be invaluable, not to mention the host of other features. Not the least of which is being able to edit the Quicktime files that my camcorder produces without having to convert them first to another format.

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