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Phat Trek - A Star Trek Parody

July 10th, 2010 10:27 am | by Ed |

I first created the character of The Troll as part of a video series that I called "Talking to my Many Selves", in which I was exploring what it would be like if you could talk face to face with different aspects of your personality.

Then I did a second video featuring that character called "The Troll Menace" because the character was a fun one to play.

He appeared again in "Troll Wars - Episode 1". In that story several parts of our hero's personality were in a war with the troll. In a last ditch effort to keep the troll from becoming the primary personality they brought "the one" into a dream situation where his fiction was expressed as a dream reality and he was needed to lead them in the fight.

In Troll Wars - Episode 2, the troll has begun attempting to use the dream path to escape to the waking world. If successful, he would begin a campaign to take over the world and eventually the galaxy. They decide that their only option is to introduce order into the dream, preventing the troll from reaching the chaotic state he needs to achieve his goal. The primary personality, known to the others as "The one", agrees to enter the dream after it's modified to a rule based dream universe and work to maintain order as captain of the starship Enterprise.

Phat Trek Episode 1 - Phat Attack is the first episode of that adventure. It's a different take on Star Trek parodies with a completely open ended storyline where literally anything can happen.

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