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One of Many Odd Script Ideas

July 10th, 2010 19:05 pm | by Ed |

An exploration ship encounters a relentlessly hostile alien. After a battle in which they take damage to most ship systems they finally manage to out maneuver the enemy ship long enough to deal it a crippling blow, they escape.

They're only able to get about two days head start on the alien ship when they are forced to stop and make repairs before their warp engines fail completely. The only habitable planet within range is inhabited by a civilization that appears to be in the early stages of deep space exploration in spite of the fact that they have fairly advanced technology.

The natives of this planet are unwilling to allow them to approach the planet at all and warn them that automatic defenses will destroy them if they attempt it. Soon after this the planetary government stops responding to attempts to communicate.

The damaged ship dares not approach the inner planets of the system because they detect automated defense systems that are routinely targeting and destroying even small asteroids and space debris that moves within range and the ships defenses are unable to withstand such an attack in their damage condition.

Monitoring communications within the system, it's discovered that the locals have very good reason for the extremely heavy defense system. The race that lives here gains weight at a steady pace until, once every two years, they all go on the most severe and debilitating quick weight loss diets to return to a healthy weight and during this time they are physically incapacitated and incapable of any kind of defense for nearly a full month at a time.

The automated defense network was built and deployed as soon as they discovered the hostile race that the exploration ship encountered when they learned from neighboring races that this hostile would do anything it could to interrupt their lifecycle and halt their weight loss efforts, turning them into a planet of overweight, sluggish beings that would be used as food by the voracious hostiles.

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