Windows Vista SP1 More Problem Than Solution

We it hasn’t been out very long and already Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is being welcomed *almost* as un-enthusiastically as Vista itself has been. Apparently, next to Vista itself, the service pack is turning out to be one of the most UNwelcome software packages to come out of Redmond in a LONG time.

Users are reporting that it’s causing all manner of problems that range from an increase in memory usage to users that downloaded it from Windows Update and got the Blue Screen of Death in the third part of the update… leaving their computers trashed. Anybody knows that stopping a major Windows Update partway through has always been an iffy proposition at best.

Other people just couldn’t manage to download the software from the Windows Update site. To add insult to injury, the thing refuses to install on computers that use device drivers that Microsoft in their microscopic wisdom have decided are not compatible. Never mind the fact that the drivers in question actually work. Redmond hath declared them to be Not Compatible.

Ever get the idea that maybe the boys in Redmond don’t know their butts from any given hole in the ground?

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