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Now This Would be Cool

July 11th, 2010 19:54 pm | by Ed |

I'm definitely a fan of free software and I try to use it whenever it is possible to find a free application to handle whatever task is at hand. However while there are several free applications for 3d design and animation, there is problems with several of them.

For example, Blender is great, it's got nearly unlimited potential, however it also has a rather steep learning curve and that takes a lot of time in fairly big chunks in order to learn enough about it to be able to use it productively. I found this out in my quest to figure out how to do the stargate kawoosh with blender fluid simulations. It's definitely possible, but it could well take me the larger part of a year to spend enough time working with it to figure out how to do it without somebody who already knows it very well right there to talk with and ask questions of.

Then there's the creation of 3d animated characters to star in my videos. I need them because I have a distinct shortage of actors that are willing to work for free (the price you pay for working on a zero dollar budget). Blender is very well suited for this, however actually creating the characters is beyond me right now. I can animate one that already exists but I am not even close to being up to customizing one or, OMG, creating my own from scratch.

This is where a tool like Poser 8 could come in VERY handy. It's got a whole mess of characters already created and is well suited to customizing them for particular scenes and then animating them. Something like that could easily save me hundreds of hours climbing the learning curve of blender and give me the animation capability I am looking for with a lot less time spent doing it.

The only downside is the cost, which most people will find is VERY reasonable. Honestly, it *IS* reasonable, especially since it's on sale at the moment for a very good price. My only problem is that, as I said before, I'm operating on a zero dollar budget. This means that it's going to be added to my wish list and I'll hope that somebody decides it would be a great idea for a Christmas gift.

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