Upgrade Trick Still Works in Vista SP1

Now that Vista SP1 is out and people are deciding whether or not to upgrade, here’s one tiny bit of good news (well, good if you’re a vista convert, otherwise it’s pretty much “who cares?”).

With SP1 it’s still possible to buy the “upgrade edition” and install it on any PC without having to buy the “full edition”.. (and wasting even MORE money).

I can’t help but think how telling it is that Microsoft actually allowed this back door in the first place, and now that they’re leaving it in with SP1 tells even more…..

Vista is doing so badly that Microsoft is going to any extreme to get the user base built up fast. Problem is that while people get new machines infected with Vista and others choose to infect upgrade their machines to Vista on their own, LOTs more are UPgrading from Vista back to XP or UPgrading all the way to Debian or Ubuntu

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