XP Gets Reprieve For Low Cost Laptops

It looks like XP users can breath a (brief) sigh of relief now that Microsoft has decided to extend the life of XP for “Low Cost” Laptops.

Of course, that’s not the full XP Pro that so many would much rather have, it’s XP Home. This means that XP will still be around until June 30, 2010 or one year after “Windows 7”, the next version of the Microsoft OS, is available.

Microsoft denies that this has anything to do with the SaveXP petition. Instead, the company line is that they’re doing this at least in part to keep Linux from taking over the market for “certain types of ultra-low-cost laptops”

This extension of XP’s lifetime *is* helpful. It gives more people a chance to see the horror that is Vista and make the move to Linux before XP is finally pulled for good. Also, if you’re thinking “ok, I’ll just keep XP until Windows 7 comes out and move to THAT”, think again. From what I’ve seen, Windows 7 is going to be modular, where you only install the parts of it that you need. As good as that might sound, it means forking over bundles of ca$h to Micro$oft every time you decide you need another module.

Personally, I prefer the Linux way of doing this. You want it, you download it and install it, with most packages available on a central server with plenty of mirrors. When the time finally comes, I plan on moving to Debian or Ubuntu. No way am I going to allow my machine to be infected with Vista.

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6 thoughts on “XP Gets Reprieve For Low Cost Laptops”

  1. Ubuntu gives you a disk with the program on it! You can reload it at will, on any computer you like! If I could legally do this with my old copy of XP I probably would have stayed with Microsoft, Hell, I’d still be using Window 98 on my latest computer – with a few custom mods from the web it worked OK, for a happy hobbiest at least. I found the attitude from Microsoft that they controlled world computing and all the code in it, left me, a dabbler in programming, totally out of the picture, and abusive.
    I leave behind me now, all the knowledge I acquired using Windows 95, 98 and XP, not willingly, mind you, but by force from Microsoft themselves. It will be a long time in my life before I trust an American Corporation to ‘play fair’ again. I have even gone out and bought a VW car to replace my Chev. At least they guarantee to service what they sell for a reasonable length of time, no matter who owns it or where you drive it!

  2. “No way am I going to allow my machine to be infected with Vista.”

    That’s funny …

    Come on over to Ubuntu. It’s a breeze to install it and adjust it.

    I still have Windows XP Home on my system, but it is doomed to go pretty soon.

  3. One of our machines *is* a Win98SE machine and likely it’s going to stay that way since it doesn’t quite have anough ‘umph’ for doing very much on XP

  4. I’ll get there eventually. I tend to wait on software changes long past the time that most people have raced out to get the latest update of such & such.

    I know Ubuntu is pretty good, I’ve given the live cd a test drive. When everything I use can be made to work on Linux, I’ll be real close to moving.

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