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Replacing A Classic

July 26th, 2010 14:14 pm | by Ed |

Back when it first went on sale, I got a copy of Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Ring. While I admit that I was disappointed with several parts of it that did not follow the books as much as I thought they should have (it completely left out Tom Bombadil), it was still the best adaptation of that story that's been made to date.

In spite of how long it is, I think I've watched it at least ten times or more. By itself at first and then as the second and third movies came out, in some really long marathons.

The problem is that I got it out to watch the set again a few months ago and that's when I discovered that the disk had somehow gotten damaged. Not only would it not play, the DVD player would not even recognize it as a DVD. In the past when I've had a problem like that the first thing I'd do is use a lens cleaner disk on the DVD player. It had no effect this time. I also made sure that the surface of the disk was clean, dry, lint and scratch free yet it still wouldn't play.

Then I tried it in my computer. The DVD player slash burner in the computer has always been able to play a disk that the stand alone DVD player cannot read. That was not the case this time as even using recovery utilities to try to make a backup of it failed miserably.

I hate having to buy another copy for a reason like this. I paid for the thing the first time and there's no reason for the disk to have gotten damaged since when not in use it's always been kept in it's case.

At least the replacement will be a LOT less expensive than the original disk was.. by almost half the price!

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