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A Futility In Exercise

July 27th, 2010 20:46 pm | by Ed |

In my effort to lose weight I have been trying to do as much exercise as I can. Unfortunately, because I'm as overweight as I am, that's not so easy as it might sound. I've got an exercise bike and even though it's thoroughly broken I use it and I do get some good out of it.

I've also got a treadmill. The problem with it is that it's control board got fried last spring when a nearby lightning strike caused a power surge. I'm actually amazed that the Tv and DVD player connected to the same outlet suffered no damage at all. Anyway, I decided a while back to give it a try even though it's motor wouldn't work. That's when I found out the hard way that running treadmills are much better, infinitely better, than what I've got. I can manage to walk on it for about two, sometimes three, minutes before I'm totally exhausted and unable to continue.

Now if the motor was running, I could easily do fifteen or twenty minutes at a time on it which would do me a LOT more good toward losing weight. The hard part is finding a new controller board for it that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I've done a bunch of searching but so far the best price I've found is $50, an amount that for me might just as well be 50 million.

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