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Speed Limit Warp 10?

July 31st, 2010 12:35 pm | by Ed |

There's a post on the blog "Treknicalities" that raises an interesting question. The question is, as the post is titled, "How Fast Is Too Fast?"

To illustrate the question, in the TOS episode "The Naked Time", when the Enterprise succeeds in pulling away from PSI2000 they are thrown back in time after exceeding warp 8. Yet in TNG it is made clear that speeds up to warp 10 are possible without causing a time warp. Enterprise-D is shown several times at speeds in excess of warp 9 without time warp effect.

TNG also makes clear, stating on several occasions that warp 10 is the theoretical limit to warp speed. Yet in TOS there are several times when Enterprise achieves speeds higher than warp ten. Sometimes resulting in time warp, sometimes not. (Time warp apparently involves pulling away from a high gravity situation.)

If you've got any thoughts on the matter, check out "How Fast Is Too Fast?" and leave your thoughts in the comments there.

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