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Dell To Offer XP Past Cut-off Date

May 2nd, 2008 23:36 pm | by Ed |

That's right. In spite of all the stuff and nonsense about Vista and XP's so-called "End of life", Dell is going to be offering Windows XP past the cutoff date set by Microsoft.

It boils down to the fact that anyone buying either the Business or Ultimate versions of Vista is also entitled to a copy of Windows XP Professional.

This has been true for quite a while. Lots of people have been taking up this option to upgrade their Vista infected machines to Windows XP Pro by taking up this offer. The machines still come pre-infected with Vista, but you get a CD that allows you to change over to XP if you so desire.

The part that Dell is going to be doing is offering to do the XP install for you, before you take the machine home. I don't suppose Microsoft is all that thrilled about it but them's the brakes.

Besides, I saw mention on Cnet recently that Steve Ballmer himself said that if there's enough customer demand for it, Microsoft would be willing to reconsider the XP "End of life" date.

YO!, Stevie Boy!

Wake up and smell the clue! (of course Michael Dell beat you to it like a year ago)

Vista blows and people want XP to stick around!

Fix it or more will move to linux.... Especially now that Ubuntu is *REALLY* close to a release that will satisfy most of the needs that were being filled by Windoze.

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  1. Lawton Sack on 26.05.2008 at 14:46 (Reply)

    I have been using Vista for about a year now, and it has been a lot more stable than XP. The ease of networking is worth using Vista over XP, especially in the business world.

    With that said, I would not pay to upgrade from XP to Vista, as XP is plenty stable enough. If I had to choose, though, between the two, I would take Vista in a heartbeat.

    1. Ed on 26.05.2008 at 22:05 (Reply)

      I’m glad that you’re having what I’ve come to think of as an unusual Vista experience. Yours is the only first-hand account that I’ve had of someone being even remotely satisfied with Vista.

      Given all of the faults and shortcomings of vista, If I have to choose between XP and vista I will stick with XP. If it becomes impossible to choose XP, then I’ll switch to Debian or Ubuntu Linux, which I recommend that anyone in such a situation choose.

  2. krazykellen on 23.06.2008 at 00:43 (Reply)

    I also agree with Lawton Sack. Vista is definitely at the very least better than xp despite all it’s shortcomings. As long as you have enough ram and know how too install a driver how anybody can think xp is better is beyond me. This is coming from a mainly vista laptop owner of 6 months and a xp/ubuntu desktop owner. mac os<xp<vista<ubuntu

    1. Ed on 25.06.2008 at 16:49 (Reply)

      One of the many problems with Vista is the fact that it’s system requirements are so high-ended. combined with this is the fact that while it may run with the published minimum specs, it will not perform very well at all unless you have 2GB or more of memory a fast (preferably multi core) processor and a high end (read expensive) video card.

      Unfortunately there’s an awful lot of people whose machines don’t even come close to meeting those requirements and aren’t likely to anytime in the near future. Especially when buying gasoline is so much more important than upgrading a computer that already works.

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