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Carpeted Kitchen?!??

August 5th, 2010 16:46 pm | by Ed |

I wonder, just whose brilliant idea was it to use carpeting in a kitchen? My house has this oh so wonderful "feature" and every time I see it I want to strangle the floon that decided to use indoor/outdoor carpeting for the kitchen floor.

I mean, seriously, What kind of a stupid idea is that anyway? The kitchen is the one place outside of the bathroom where you're most likely to spill water on the floor. Even then, if it stopped at water, it wouldn't be *quite* so moronic but in the kitchen there's a whole host of things that can (and often do, even in the neatest of homes) end up on the floor.

My solution is going to be to replace the kitchen floor. I plan to pick up some discount laminate flooring as soon as I get some higher priority things taken care of and that hideous mottled green carpet is going to be pulled up, cut into pieces and thrown into the trash.

In my opinion the kitchen needs a flooring that is waterproof and isn't going to soak up whatever gets spilled on it. In the eleven years I've lived here this carpet has gone from hideous and lightly stained to the point where it is *almost* beyond even the best vacuum cleaner.

Even a good steam cleaning isn't going to do it now. That crap needs to be replaced and there is no way on God's Earth that I'm going to put more carpeting in when I finally pull that stuff up.

So if you know the person who decided that carpet was a good idea for a kitchen would you please do me a favor?

Slap them in the face until their feet bleed.

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