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Caution: Pushy Salesman At Play

August 6th, 2010 10:01 am | by Ed |

I finally found out part of what that pushy salesman from Chicago has been up to lately that's kept him from being quite so much of a royal pain in the arse. Seems that he's gotten together with a group of people that spend a lot of time in the semi-organized sport of atv racing in the local junkyard.

That's right. These people gather at the local automotive graveyard and hold races around (and frequently over) the junk cars parked there. As if the potholes and ruts aren't enough of a hazard, part of the course (which changes every day) involves riding over junk cars that are in the way.

Personally I see this as a great way to end up in the hospital but everybody doing it is over 21 and technically sane enough to make their own decisions. Besides, it's keeping him out of my hair and that's worth a lot all by itself!

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