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The Straight And Level

August 6th, 2010 10:42 am | by Ed |

One of the things that I very quickly came to think of as being an absolutely essential part of my home video studio setup is a tripod. Since I shoot all of my videos myself and very seldom, if ever, even have another person in the studio to handle the camera (let alone be IN the videos!). It is essential to have a good, solid, steady way to mount the camera.

The tripod that I'm using now is some ultra-cheap thing that my wife found for like five bucks someplace on sale and while it has, for the most part, done it's job it is also very much in need of replacement.

Simply put, it's falling apart. At one time or another over the last six months or so each of it's legs have come off requiring me to spend valuable time trying to fix them. Eventually I ended up making my best guess about how level it was and using duct tape to hold it together.

This is fine for studio shots where it doesn't need to be moved around very much but it's just not going to do for scenes that will be shot anywhere else. Because of the duct tape, the legs don't collapse anymore and that's a royal pain to transport.

I've been looking around recently and found this Xlogic Camera Tripod that looks like it is a good balance between low cost and quality construction. This means that not only will it last several times longer than the POS that I have now, I can once again be sure that when I want a straight and level shot that I can actually GET one!

In the last several months, if I wanted a straight and level shot, I had to spend a lot of time figuring out how much of what to put under which leg to make the thing level. Then of course, this has to be repeated EVERY time I move it to get a different angle.

I'm looking forward to not having to play those games anymore!

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