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The Ultimate Noisy Neighbor

August 14th, 2010 22:02 pm | by Ed |

There's this guy that lives on the next street over with his family of what I have to believe is the single loudest group of people on the face of the Earth. If they're not then they're pretty doggone close that's for sure!

They are loud in all of the usual ways, loud parties, loud music, the occasional loud fight and so on. I seriously believe that they have been responsible for ninety percent of the sale of earplugs in the local area. A few months ago they had a family reunion and I swear that it had to be the single loudest gathering of human beings in the last several years.

They're not just loud in those ways though, they're loud in person as well. Something nobody around here wants to do is run into them in Walmart (or anywhere else for that matter!) and have one of them decide to strike up a conversation.

These folks don't seem to know the meaning of talking softly. Each and every word they say is spoken in a manner that suggests they want to be sure that people fifty feet away from them can hear without any trouble at all.

I have strong suspicions that they're the root cause of several cases of hearing loss in the area.

Worse than anything else however is their eldest son. He likes cars. He likes LOUD cars. He's taken his ordinary Ford P.O.S. and turned it into a monster. When he starts the engine, the vibrations can be felt in the foundations of every house for three blocks in any direction.

I've heard them talking about moving sometime in the next few months and hopefully they will but in the meantime, I am going to lay in a good supply of earplugs!

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