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Tracking A Salesman

August 19th, 2010 12:06 pm | by Ed |

Why would anyone want to track a salesman? There are many reasons really. For example the company he works for would be interested in his activities such as where he goes and how long he stays there. That information could be useful in finding out what makes him either an exceptionally good salesman or an exceptionally bad one just by knowing where he spends most of his time.

However my reason is much simpler. I want to keep track of this guy because he's a menace to decent people everywhere. I've tried several ways and found most of them to be either too invasive and tricky to pull off or simply too time consuming. Finally I ended up turning to Mr. Helpful (You don't know how much I hated doing THAT!) for ideas because he's just as suspicious of this guy as I am.

He came up with something truly unique. Seems he's got a case of promotional pens from a local entrepreneur, a Mr. Horn. S. Waggle, who made his fortune in sales many years ago. He got out a box of twelve dozen of them and took the time to put a tiny beacon transmitter in the body of each one of them. They're rigged so that every time the pen is clicked to bring out the ball point and write, the transmitter is activated. The signal is picked up by several receiving stations located around town and by triangulating based on the relative signal strength and direction at each one the location of the pen can be determined fairly accurately.

He then arranged for him to meet Mr. Waggle (who was in on the caper and loved the idea). During the course of that meeting Waggle found an excuse to give him the box of pens.

It didn't take long for the plan to start showing results. One of the things that Pushy likes to do is give a pen to whom ever he is trying to talk into a sale. I've got a few of his old ones myself (not the transmitters). So now we are building a map of not only his travels, but we're finding it easier to identify the people he's been making his pitch to, which will allow concerned people who have a clue to attempt an intervention to keep them from spending hideous amounts of money for stuff that they don't need and in fact doesn't work as advertised.

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