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How Is It I'm The Last To Know

August 20th, 2010 23:05 pm | by Ed |

With the new school year starting up I suppose I should have expected it and to be sure, I did expect a little of it but certainly not to the degree that this is shaping up to be. I get to play "neighborhood tech support guy" again. I just wish that I would be asked instead of informed.

Every year it happens to some degree or another. especially with the world pretty much having reached a point where computers in schools are no longer just a novel idea, they're essential. And while *I* don't quite see the need for kids in elementary school to be almost required to each have their own laptop computer it does seem to be the trend.

This year before the calls from frantic neighbors about their kid's computer not doing this or that right, I've already been asked to give some desktop computer reviews and laptop reviews so that some of these people can get a good idea of just what they need to get.

For example if a computer is to be used for school then it seems to me that the main focus is that it be inexpensive (things get damaged, lost and stolen way too easily) and have enough capability to do all that's going to be asked of it. Since it's for school purposes, it doesn't need to be a state of the art gaming machine while at the same time it needs to be at least reasonably modern even for elementary school.

On a selfish note, I am going to make it a point to list only machines that I can find plenty of documentation and online support and help forums for because I know that when little Johnny manages to infect his machine with malware because he just HAD to prove he could get past the school firewall and download porn, I am going to get a call from a frantic parent that only knows how expensive the computer was.

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