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The Blue Man

August 22nd, 2010 19:31 pm | by Ed |

No, I'm not talking about an odd musical group of guys painted blue.

The blue man is a lifelong resident of Nutjob Hills (who by the way, has never gone anywhere else.). The big thing about him is that he is totally obsessed with the color blue. Other than that, he's a perfectly normal guy. He goes to work five days a week, has a girlfriend, watches sports, has a few beers once in a while and so on.

The quirk is, as I've said, his complete obsession with blue. It is so strong that in some way or another everything about him has some facet that is blue. He only wears blue suits, his shades have a deep blue tint. He will only carry a blue cross blue shield Blue Advantage health insurance plan. His favorite drink is blue raspberry, His car is an older model two tone turquoise over navy blue.

On the weekends he'll get out a lawnmower that he personally painted blue (with blue boy paint of course) and mow his lawn which is exclusively Kentucky Bluegrass. When he's done with that he'll relax in a blue plastic lawn chair and listen to the blues while he eats a slice of blueberry pie. He's usually not one to have pets although last year he did keep a neighbor's blue heeler when they went on vacation.

Once in a great while he will allow some other color to be the primary in something's appearance but that's really rare. Literally only once in a blue moon. And of course, when somebody fails at something he'll be the first one to tell them that they blue it.

His house is blue with dark blue trim. He actually owns and wears several pairs of blue suede shoes (well, only one pair at a time). His favorite songs include Blue Christmas, and Don't it make my Brown Eyes Blue. He also has every title from the Blue Man Group.

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1 Comment

  1. Treknicalities Admin on 22.08.2010 at 20:23 (Reply)

    Very good. I was drinking when I read it and I blue soda all over the room. :)

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