Four reasons I will delete your shout un-dugg

I’ve elected to allow my digg profile to recieve shouts because I’m interested in new things that people are writing. I’m also willing, when I have time, to digg those stories shouted to me that I find interesting. However there is a large number of people that are sending shouts that I am not only not going to digg, I’m not even going to read the page they’re shouting about.

In this entry I’m giving my four top reasons for deleting shouts without digging them. There are plenty more, but I consider these to be among the most common.

Non-English characters:

If your shout contains non-English characters then it’s toast. I’m a native English speaker by birth and while someday I’d like to learn Hebrew and a few other languages, I have neither the time nor the inclination to study any other languages right now. I’m also not even going to be bothered to try to find a website or program that will translate your foriegn characters into English. Simply put, If I can’t read it, then it gets summarily deleted without apology.

Reports of movie title coming to blu-ray:

I’ve see a LOT of this lately and while I’m sure that there’s at least some Blu-Ray users that are interested in this type of thing, I don’t think that even they want to see a constant flow of shouts about every title under the sun as it appears on Blu-Ray.

Duplicate shouts:

When sending shouts, I understand that people may have lots of people in their friends list and they want to do multiple shouts to make sure that all of their friends that allow it will recieve their shouts. Please, when doing multiple shouts, make some kind of effort to not send it to the same people more than once. For example I recently recieved the same shout from the same user about a “twitter friend adder for FireFox” five times in one day.

This is too much … Way too much. Therefore if I get duplicate shouts to a degree that I consider excessive, I will not only delete them un-read and un-dugg, I will Un-Friend the sender so that I don’t have to get so many duplicates.

Stupid shouts:

There are people that seem to think things like this or that star or public figure doing even the most insignificant thing is worthy of a shout. Frankly, I don’t agree and I don’t want to see them. I honestly don’t give a flip about pamela anderson’s underwear or Tom Cruise’s latest idiocy concerning scientology or whether this or that star is married, divorced, drunk in public or whatever. They’re not news, they’re nothing more than fluff, a distraction that accomplishes nothing more than to take your attention away from REAL news or occupy the minds of the simple.

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