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A Camera to Drool Over

September 13th, 2010 20:57 pm | by Ed |

In spite of the fact that right this very moment I don't know if I'll EVER have enough money for anything again, I still can't help looking around for things that I could really use and would very much appreciate having... stuff that would in some way make life a little bit easier or OMG, actually just be fun to have. (what a concept!!)

This is how I happened to run across this Sony Cyber-shot. At ten megapixels and 4x optical zoom it's a heck of a camera. And while I know that it's a pretty good still camera, I would be most interested in it's video capabilities. It's got enough features, some of which I've only been able to dream of having, to make video production a lot easier.

The 4X optical zoom by it self is quite frankly one of the biggest features. I know, digital zoom can go a lot farther but I also know that the BEST zoom is always optical.

Then there's things like being able to take low light footage that actually looks good, Backlight Correction, High Sensitivity Mode (ISO 3200), and lets not forget that it will also accept the SDHC memory card that I already have. Finally, there's the fact that it's on sale for an amazing $279.99!! A whopping $120 off!! It makes me really wish that I could afford it. Unfortunately I'm going to have to settle for putting this on my Christmas list and hoping that some rich relative that I don't currently know about decides it'd be a great gift idea.

Until then I guess I'll just keep going with what I've been using and HOPE that it doesn't fall apart like it's been threatening to do for several months now.

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