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Pushy's Latest

September 16th, 2010 09:01 am | by Ed |

Y'know, I'm going to be seriously relieved when that pushy salesman *finally* leaves town and heads back to his Chicago job. His latest thing is that he's trying to push weight loss pills on anybody in town that *he* thinks is even the slightest bit overweight. He doesn't listen to anything anyone's got to say about why they don't need or just don't want what he's selling, he just keep hammering away.

It was my turn the other day for this treatment and because I knew about this latest angle of his I had plenty of ammunition ready. When he came by my office I whipped out Mr. Helpful's 5,000 page dietary and weight loss supplements review and slammed it down on the desk in front of him. I told him that I've already had the advice of a local expert and have long since decided on all the weight loss supplements that I could possibly need.

Besides which, I can get them a whole lot cheaper than what HE is selling them for! That man is a walking ripoff!

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