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Say you’re a blogger that has enough knowledge to use WordPress, write & edit posts, upload a plugin. You’re not a coder so instead of spending a lot of time learning how to write code, you use a widget-ready theme and use widgets for everything you need to put in your sidebar(s).

You’ve got some banners you’d like to have in your sidebar but you don’t want to overload your blog with advertising. This means that it’s a real problem if you’ve got 8 or 10 banners available when you really only want to give up space for four of them at once.

The answer? Max Banner Ads plugin by MaxBlogPress. This plugin makes rotating any number of banners within a limited number of spots at a time easy. It is actually possible to go from having just activated the plugin to having all of your banners set up and rotating in less than half an hour… faster once you’ve gotten the hang of it. If you run into any trouble there’s a page full of screenshots and instructions that walk you through all of it’s functions.

You can have it handling square button banners in the sidebars or horizontal banners at the top of the blog. It can also rotate banners within the posts. Each “zone” can have it’s own separate set of banner ads rotating however many at a time you choose. Once it’s set up, everything is automatic.

Not only that, but it also keeps statistics, number of impressions, clicks and the click through percentage for each banner in each “zone” so that you can keep track of which ads are getting the best results.

I do have one suggestion for it however. It’d be great if it were possible to enter a block size and paste in a chunk of Adsense, Bidvertizer or other script-driven ad code so that Adsense blocks could also be rotated with other ads. Even so, Max Banner Ads hits a home run. You can expect to see discreet 125 x 125 blocks appearing in this blog in the very near future and they’re going to be rotated and managed by Max Banner Ads.

You can see a video demonstration of Max Banner Ads that does a great job of showing off it’s potential. In the demo the objective is to rotate 3 horizontal banners at top of the blog, rotate 8 button banners 4 at a time in the sidebar, rotate 5 square banners in the 1st and 2nd posts, and rotate 2 skyscraper banners at the bottom of the sidebar. All this is to be done in only 14 minutes. The video compressess this down to about 6 and a half minutes. (This does assume that you already have the graphics and urls that you need for them.)

Monetizing a blog without over-flooding it with advertising just got a lot easier.

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  1. yeah that’s great to know that right now we can use pur all banners according to our wish. Really this tool wubd make banner advertising interesting and easy. Thanks for sharing it…………….

    I wud try it deffenatly……….

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