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Willy The Wannabe Web Designer

September 16th, 2010 14:42 pm | by Ed |

Willy (not his real name) is a kid that lives a few blocks over. This year he's graduating from Nutjob Hills High and unlike many kids his age, he *KNOWS* what he wants to do. He want's to be a web designer in the worst way. He's been studying HTML, Java, javascript, perl, and several other website related languages for a couple of years and I understand that instead of a traditional college he's going to attend some kind of web design school.

I certainly hope he makes it because I know that it's become a really competitive field. However in order to do that he's going to HAVE to pay attention to the aesthetics and logic of how a website should be designed.

I say this because I've seen some of the sites that he has designed in the last few months and while they technically do what they're supposed to, the one thing that they DON'T do is make sense. Instead of having any kind of structured menu system he simply puts links and controls in where ever he is on the page at the time and proper formatting be damned.

For example on one page he's got this long huge list of links for subsections of a site that aren't even in any kind of order. There's also the nature of the links. They all start with "click here for". Then there's the lack of order. There's a list of links for things like 'this weeks hottest book', 'pictures of mom', 'Joe's hairline', 'Jane's zit problem', 'health for your spleen', 'skin care for mormons'/ Right next to click here for acne products is 'lunch for tuesday', 'fight schedule for saturday', and 'check out my youtube page'... just to name one example. All that is on the same page.

There's no paragraph breaks, no punctuation, no grouping of similar things together, nothing. There's long huge lists of things that would be much easier to deal with in a dropdown listbox but he's got them on the page as a list of links without even carriage returns or paragraph breaks.

As I said, he wants to be a web designer in the worst way. and at the rate he's going, he will be. The very worst.

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