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In Search of Calorie Burn

September 25th, 2010 14:24 pm | by Ed |

I've spent my fair share of time ranting about how much "fun" it is trying to lose weight and how that is complicated by my being diabetic. It's occurred to me that many would suggest such helpful ideas as getting a treadmill and using that to help burn off that excess tonnage.

That's just it though, I have one. For several year in fact and yes, I was using it until the spring of '09 when a lightning storm smoked it's controller board. (I don't understand is that the same circuit also had my VCR, DVD player and TV on it and THEY didn't suffer any damage at all. weird no?). So now this treadmill that cost something over $300 for when it was on sale five or six years ago is now a five foot tall paperweight that doesn't do much more than take up space in my living room and serve as a place to hang stuff (yes, I still have it.)

omron pedometerSince the treadmill is effectively dead, I thought of disconnecting the motor and just getting a pedometer and using it that way.

The first problem is that I very quickly found out just how hard it is to move a treadmill belt when the motor is not running. I was able to keep going for at most three minutes. Absolutely not enough to get any significant results. Which means I'll have to do my walking outside.

The second problem is in finding a good pedometer. Over the years I've actually had three or four of them and I've yet to find one that was worth the time to read it's instruction booklet. Of course, the fact that these were el-cheapo $1.98 devices probably had something to do with it.

With that in mind I've been looking around and I'm thinking that this Omron Pedometer looks like it's not only a heck of a lot more sturdy than the things I've had in the past that fell apart so often that I ended up using super glue to hold 'em together, but it also can track calories burned in addition to how much walking you've done and that's maybe the ONE reason why I might actually consider counting calories because of the simple idea that if you burn more than you eat, you're on the road to losing weight.

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