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Two Freeware DVD Apps

July 1st, 2008 01:59 am | by Ed |

Here's a couple of freeware DVD apps that are definitely worth checking out.

First up is DVDShrink. It's a DVD backup utility. Used with your choice of DVD burning software, it can make a backup copy of any DVD. The problem with making a backup copy of a commercial DVD is that even if you can get around the encryption used for copy protection, which is actually trivial these days, the contents are just too large to fit on standard blank DVD-R disks. DVDShrink solves this problem by compressing the files so that they can fit on a DVD-R.

InfraRecorder is a CD/DVD burning utility that offers features similar to most commercial CD and DVD authoring software. This includes creating and burning data as well as audio disk images. It has the ability to work with both rewritable and multi-session discs. It can also .wav and .iso image files from disks. It also includes InfraExpress, which is a panel of tasks similar those in Nero Express. The big difference is that Nero isn't freeware and InfraRecorder is.

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