Roboform Tried And Ditched

I recently had occasion to try out Roboform for the first time and after having it installed for several days I’ve come to the conclusion that I can easily live without it for the foreseeable future.

It proved to be handy in keeping login information for quick logins, and it’s automatic form filling functions did work, I just don’t need them. The one thing about it that I honestly liked the most was it’s password generating feature that allowed you to control what types of characters are used and how long the password is to be. It even told you what the bit strength would be of the passwords generated with the current settings.

What I didn’t like about it is that it inserted itself as another, bloody slow loading, toolbar on my browser. It also didn’t restrict itself to just the main browser. It also jumped into any other instance as well. it ended up in IE (which I normally don’t use unless I’m testing page compatibility), Firefox portable, and the copy of Firefox 3 I’m testing.

What’s really annoying is that it also jumped into “Tor Browser“, which is a specially tweaked version of Firefox that connects by way of TOR to allow anonymous browsing. I don’t consider it good security to have something just insert itself into browsers without asking. That’s one of the reasons I got rid of AVG’s Linkscanner

My opinion, Roboform isn’t worth the trouble and aggravation it caused. Not only will I not be getting the paid for version, I’ve already uninstalled the free version.

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2 thoughts on “Roboform Tried And Ditched”

  1. I think that is a shame. You have to give this software a chance. Just remove the toolbar from the places that you do not want it to be. I use it and I highly recommend it to others. I absolutely love the RoboForm software. I use it all of the time and it takes all the menial everyday tasks that I have to perform on my computer daily and shortens them extremely!

    What once took me fifteen minutes to complete now takes me only one second because RoboForm does the same task with just one click. In fact I wrote a Report about a lot of RoboForm’s capabilities for use that aren’t even touched on in the User’s Manual for RoboForm. You can get that Report here:!.html

  2. I’m glad you’re able to get usefulness out of it. As for removing toolbars from browsers that I don’t want to have them.. that’s apparently easier said than done.

    I found in both FF2 and FF3 that I could remove the Roboform toolbar from view, but that didn’t uninstall it from the browser. Nor did I find any way to prevent it from jumping into any instance of a browser that started. Like it or no, each browser got a new toolbar.

    This was Particularly annoying in the case of Tor Browser because anonymity / privacy software does NOT need stuff coming along and installing itself without human authorization from somebody who knows what they’re letting themselves into.

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