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The Checklist

October 1st, 2010 17:43 pm | by Ed |

Here in Nutjob Hills "Mr. Halloween" has *almost* become to Halloween what Santa is to Christmas. Personally I think he goes way overboard but as long as he avoids turning into a whack job that decides to live out a horror movie for real I suppose it's cool enough.

You know the way some people start planning their Christmas shopping in January? Well this guy starts planning his Halloween displays, costumes and so on about a two weeks before Thanksgiving.

I've seen his checklist and it's impressive. There are no less than two hundred individual items on it, several of which have separate component lists of their own. Just browsing it at random you see things like blackhead on nose, warts on left eyelid, 27 pumpkins, five headstones, a truckload of actual grave dirt (DON'T ask me where he gets THAT!), and so on. This rather impressive list includes a wide assortment of weapons ranging from simple steak knives, butcher knives, a dozen razor gloves, brown fedoras and red & green striped sweaters, hockey masks . . . you name it, he's probably got it on the list. And then some.

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