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His World On a Chevy

October 3rd, 2010 14:59 pm | by Ed |

I saw something the other day that was a bit odd even for Nutjob Hills. A guy drove into town in a forty year old Chevy. What was unusual was that it was fitted with roof racks and trunk mounted racks from yakima racksand strapped onto those racks was this guy's entire world from a collapsible office to an inflatable outhouse with a miniature methane generator.

He had this car decked out as a full blown mobile office / home thanks to liberal use of sections that could be expanded into a variety of rooms. In addition to all that, he also managed to have four rather large weatherproof suitcases that held several changes of clothes, food, toiletries and other misc items.

He was in town just for the day while he stopped at a local laundromat and expanded his office and kitchen modules in the parking lot.

According to reports even the strangest people in town walked away saying "now that's weird!"

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