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Extreme Bed Choices

October 7th, 2010 13:20 pm | by Ed |

Y'know, when most people think about buying a bed their first concern is comfort and rightly so. If you think about it, that bed you're buying is a place where you're going to spend roughly one third of your life for however many years that you have it. It only stands to reason that comfort should be a high priority. After that comes durability, how long it will last, and finally there is the matter of appearance.

That's how I figure most people look at it.

Not so for Bob. His first concern isn't any of those things. Instead he wants to start with what it's made of. Starting with the frame. It has to be something sturdy of course but he also has an almost manic concern that it not be metal of any sort. Specifically he's looking for quality wood. So recently he spent weeks searching for and examining a variety of oak beds, pine beds, maple beds and a whole host of others. He and his wife spent hours every day debating the pros and cons of each material. They also spent a lot of time discussing it with neighbors until finally people started avoiding them because they were tired of hearing about it.

Then just the other day they finally settled on pine as the material. They're now going on to the next step and are debating design. At the rate they're going they won't have that new bed until sometime next year.

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  1. Clicker on 11.10.2010 at 21:37 (Reply)

    They probably won’t have any friends left either, unless they too are having bed problems.

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