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Another TV Series I Really Want

October 11th, 2010 08:04 am | by Ed |

This morning I was doing some surfing around news websites just to see what is in the news today when I spotted an advertisement for one of the Babylon 5 movies. The thing is that, Even though it's on sale at a good discount and I want it really badly, I didn't have to think very long about buying it. I don't want to get the movies until I have he whole tv series on DVD first.

Most of those movies take place after the Babylon 5 tv series came to an end and this means that it's necessary to have all five seasons of the entire series, before getting the movies. That way I can watch the series all the way through and watch each of the movies at the right point. I have to have things like that arranged in the order of the events portrayed. Anything else is just "wrong"

I know that it's more than a little bit obsessive compulsive on my part but I have always had an extremely big time obsession with having complete sets and then watching things like that in the proper order. For example I have all of the Nightmare on elm st movies. I keep them store in order. When I watch them, I start at the first movie and watch all of them in sequence.

Somewhere around here I've got all of the Friday the 13th movies. Again, they're all in order and when I watch them, I watch ALL of them, in order. I may spread this over a week of one or two movies a night but that's the way I have to do it. Skipping around in the order blows the chronology for me and as such I won't allow it.

This means that there's no way that I'm going to watch the movies until I not only have all of them but have determined the correct order and exactly what the placement is in the series time-line for each one. However that wouldn't stop me from watching the series, especially with a complete boxed set of all five seasons. I'd just watch it again once I got the movies sorted out.

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