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Fat Joe

October 21st, 2010 18:46 pm | by Ed |

Fat Joe lives out on the fringe of the Nujob Hills city limits. Also, to put it nicely, he lives somewhere out on the fringe of sanity as well. You see, he, like a surprising number of people around here, is something of a "mad scientist" type.

His "big project" is to develop an alternate source of fuel that could replace the fossil fuels in use today. He has this strange idea that by taking human fat extracted via liposuction procedures and treating it with a mixture of apidexin, vitamin c and his own special cocktail of amphetamines and long chain proteins that he can create a low cost, clean, efficient fuel supply that could replace gasoline.

Like so many such "mad scientist" types, his theories are way out there and hold little chance of resulting in more than a really nasty, smelly, decaying mess that we all hope won't come to life and eat Cincinnati for breakfast on it's way to New York.

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