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Fat Joe Loses 30 Pounds

October 22nd, 2010 12:17 pm | by Ed |

That's right, the reports are that Fat Joe has lost about thirty pounds in the last couple of weeks. Now since his starting weight is over 450 pounds, I don't even want to question where they weigh him since every home scale or dr. office scale I have ever seen stops at 350 pounds.

However he's saying that he did not do anything that is at all spectacular to lose all that weight. He only claims that his doctor told him to use the best colon cleansing he could find. The result was that he lost thirty pounds in very short order simply by spending some time in the throne room letting nature take it's course.

Omg, even that is too much of a picture for me. I *really* didn't want to have that visual in my head. ARgh!

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