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Time To Build A New Computer

October 23rd, 2010 08:33 am | by Ed |

Last spring, after literally years of wanting one and almost that long of actually having a need for one, I finally found a sale on a laptop computer that I could afford and bought it. I immediately started copying stuff to it from my desktop machine so that I could take advantage of the portable "take it with you anywhere" computing that the laptop offered.

I had gotten a lot (but not all) of this done when, about two months after I got the laptop, the desktop machine started having problems and eventually stopped working. Had I not gotten the laptop, I'd have been in a world of hurt, not being able to get my work done or make my videos anymore.

Now, several months later, I've learned a few things and done a bunch of testing on the desktop machine. The result is that, unless I want to attempt replacing some of the capacitors on it's motherboard, that I'm going to have to replace it.

Right now I'm thinking that the best way to go is going to be the replacement option and I've been looking at this Biostar motherboard as a good candidate for a replacement board. Oh, I'm no stranger to getting out the soldering iron and replacing components that most people won't touch but the thing is that I have no idea what other components might be fried and I'd hate to do all that work only to find out that it was a waste of time and money.

Therefore a new mobo is looking more and more like the best way to go. Especially since it is a mobo+CPU combo and the CPU in question is a dual core unit that's quite a bit faster than the old one.

Here's hoping that somebody will give it to me for Christmas.

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