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HTTPS Everywhere For Online Privacy

October 25th, 2010 12:07 pm | by Ed |

Privacy and the potential for identity theft is a big topic these days. Yet most people carelessly surf the web every day without regard to their privacy.

You see, even though you may not actually have anything to hide, it's still a matter of good sense to keep your browsing private. Regardless of whether you're reading phentermine reviews, buying a new car or checking your online bank statement, you really should take steps to keep your browsing private.

One reason is that you want to make it harder for people to steal your login information to sites like your bank's website, any and all sites that you have a paid membership to and sites where you make online purchases and of course, your social networking site logins.

One way to achieve this is to always use HTTPS, also known as SSL, encrypted links. The problem is that not nearly enough sites use it. One way to help increase your security is to use a Firefox plugin called Https Everywhere. It rewrites urls for many sites so that your session is protected by end to end encryption.

It's not a cure all, but at least it's a step in the right direction. The cure all would involve ALL websites exclusively using HTTPS on all connections. It would also involve people learning how to use encryption in their emails but that's another subject that I'll reserve for it's own rant.

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