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Fat Joe Meets Pushy

October 27th, 2010 10:20 am | by Ed |

I suppose that it had to happen sooner or later that Mr. Pushy would hear about Fat Joe's recent decision to lose a large portion of his four hundred and fifty pounds.

Without even being there I know what happened when Pushy heard about him. He immediately dove into his master listing of all the many and varied products he sells and picked out the one that he thought would make the best fit for Fat Joe and then set out to meet him and make the sale.

The meeting was friendly enough but did not result in a sale. You see, Fat Joe is a stickler for details so he insisted on knowing the ingredients for the weight loss supplement that Pushy was trying to sell him. When he saw that it has several hgh supplements in it he told Pushy that there was no way he'd ever even consider taking that so-called weight loss supplement.

Why? You ask? Because Fat Joe knows that HGH stands for Human Growth Hormones and he figures that growth is the last thing he needs. Of course, in spite of it's being called that, it really isn't so much about growth as it is about repairing tissue, regenerating cells and supporting the immune system.

That doesn't matter though, Fat Joe flatly refuses to take anything that has "Growth" in it's name because he figures that at 450 pounds he's done all the growing he ever needs to do.

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