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Crazy Jenny

October 27th, 2010 10:27 am | by Ed |

Sometimes it looks like most of the er, more unusually eccentric, people in Nutjob Hills are guys and that's really not the case at all.

On excellent example of this is a lady known to her close friends and family as "Crazy Jenny" (stranger just call her a crazy b***h). Her claim to fame has to do with her love of dogs.

What's so odd about that you ask? In addition to doing her best to make sure that all stray dogs in the area are taken in, nursed back to health and given to good homes, she's transformed her home into a dog motel. There are no less than 150 dog beds in her five bedroom home. The garage has been closed, insulated and heated to provide additional space, as has the attic and cellar.

She's actually hired a full time staff to take care of the dogs and drives around town every day looking for strays to pick up. She's said more than once that she prefers the company of dogs to that of humans and that she thinks most dogs are mistreated and she makes that clear in her dog adoption service by making it very difficult and expensive to qualify to get one of her dogs.

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