The Free Google Tv That Wasn’t

Not long ago, as part of a promotion, Google had this contest on youtube where they were giving away a “Google Tv” to a hundred people. It ran for a month or more and a boatload of people got involved in it.

The thing is once the contest was over that’s when it became obvious that this “free” tv wasn’t *quite* free. Oh, granted, the unit itself was free. But it was still necessary for the winners to get a high def tv, tv mounts, and all the other assorted little doodads that are needed to make such a setup work.

Then of course, since this thing basically puts the internet on your tv, there is also the consideration of how much bandwidth it’s using. I haven’t seen any numbers but I’ll just bet that people in areas that don’t have the faster broadband access available will end up finding that the Google tv eats up most, if not all, of their bandwidth really quickly. After all, High Def streaming video takes a LOT of bytes.

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Coming Up With A Contest

Can be more of a headache than I had ever though possible. Especially if you don’t really have much (if anything) in the way of a budget to work with for acquiring prizes for said contest.

Ok, I need to clarify a bit. Some time back I held a “1,000 subscriber contest” on my main youtube channel in which I gave prizes (such as they were) to two randomly drawn winners on the day I reached 1,000 subscribers.

I was thinking I would like to do something like it for when I reach 2,000 subscribers (or maybe 10,000, I haven’t decided yet) but I’m at a loss for what to do for prizes if I did it. I can’t just repeat what I did for the first one because I’d like to have the next one be noticeably bigger and have much better prizes.

one person suggested that for the 2,000 subscriber contest I could give away an ipod shuffle but I can’t help thinking that might make a good third or fourth prize, I want to do something bigger for first prize.

Yet there’s that budget staring me in the face again. I suppose until I get this sorted out I’m going to postpone any further contests.

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Keep That Dead Fish Handy!

Which would YOU pick for the “Boob of the week” award?

Newsweek magazine, The TSA, or youtube personality Phillip Defranco?

Especially since they all deserve it.

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Over 13 Pounds!

Early in October I entered (yet another!) weight loss competition. What makes this one different from the ones that I’ve been in before is that this time I’m actually getting somewhere!

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Contest Starting

My youtube channel now has some 641 subscribers. Because of this, I have started the 1000 subscriber contest. It is open for entries starting now and running until I reach the 1000 subscriber mark.

To enter you must be a subscriber of my youtube channel and leave a comment on the youtube player page for this video. The winner gets some free promotion for their youtube channel. Full details are in the video and it’s description on youtube.

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