Mansion Plans

A while back in my main world I started a pretty big project in building a mansion. I chose a snowy area not too far north of the main base and began clearing land. While I was doing that I collected snowballs to craft into snow blocks which I later used in the construction of the main building.

I had gotten the third floor done and had started on the outside of the place when word started floating around that 1.8 would soon be available. Because of this I stopped work on the mansion to get another project done before 1.8 came out. Since then there’s been a lot going on and I’ve been hopping from one project to another.

Sometime soon I need to get back to the mansion project. The thing that’s gonna make it special is that with 1.9 comes changes in terrain generation code. These changes mean, among other things, that the snow country I started building in has become a swamp.

Rather than scrap the project and try to move it to another snow area I’m going to try to adapt it. Perhaps I’ll put in a swimming pool fence off part of what used to be a frozen lake around the north side of the house and bring in enough sand to build up something of a decent size beach and go for a resort kinda look. The thing there is how many resorts do you know are located in a swamp? Not many I’m sure.

No matter what there’s still several episodes worth of work to do just on the outside of the place. I could then easily spend ten episodes or more getting the inside of three above ground floors and two basement levels done.

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The Answer To Cigarettes?

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to quit smoking for quite a while now and that I’ve not managed it yet in spite of trying all sorts of things.

While I know that I really should quit, I also know that I don’t actually want to. I’m one of those people that enjoy smoking. I find it relaxing and one of the few ‘luxury pleasures’ that I can sorta afford.

Yeah, I’ll get around to quitting someday if only because the things are getting more and more expensive. In the meantime I am giving serious thought to switching to Swisher Sweets instead of cigarettes because 1) I like Swisher Sweets (the originals that is), and 2) there’s a considerably lower cost per the amount of smoking enjoyment you can get out of them.

Not only that but there’s the FSC thing with cigarettes, I hate what that addition has done to the taste of most brands. I don’t believe that the swisher sweets cigars have that same additive in the (though I’ll have to check to be sure)

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The Difference Is Amazing

It’s amazing how much a little bit of change here and there can add up over the course of a few months.

I (FINALLY) started having some real success in my weight loss efforts in October of 2010 and since then I’ve continued having success. In fact I am planning to do an official weigh in video soon that will have me at LESS than 270 pounds for the first time in years!

The difference really is startling. It shows most in my clothes. I have all the same stuff I was wearing back in October but the thing is that now the fit is really loose and baggy. It’s gotten to the point where those ‘fat guy’ clothes feel more like maternity clothing than anything I should be wearing. All I need now is to come up with some cash for a clothing budget and buy a bunch of new things, with everything about four sizes smaller.

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Little Rodent Big Mouth Huge Pain

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with Bob. Since he’s been off in the Minecraft Universe I’ve been finding out all sorts of “wonderful” little tidbits about him. There’s the paternity suit against him, the state he left his room in, the loads of birthday party invitations he’s been getting and speaking of Birthdays, I’ve gotten a request from him that he would really like to get a yakima bike rack for his next birthday (which is quite a ways off).

The thing is that I have something of a hard time understanding why he wants one. He doesn’t even HAVE a bike, much less one that’s large enough to fit such a rack. (remember, he’s a gerbil, if he had a bike it’d be really small)

Not only that, but he also doesn’t have anything to mount said rack ON. Just What he’s thinking I may never understand.

I’m almost afraid to ask what he’s going to come up with next.

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Yikes! It’s Nearly THAT Time Of Year Again

I can’t exactly say why but somehow this almost always takes me by surprise. I’m minding my own business and suddenly I get reminded by something (it’s always something isn’t it?) that my birthday is coming up soon. This time it was an ad for birthday invitations. I saw that ad and realized that my own was coming up at the end of next month.

Now I’m not one of those that makes a big deal out of it nor do I worry about how much of what kind of gifts I may or may not get. In fact, there’s been a couple of times that I didn’t even realize it was my birthday until the day itself had actually passed. Yeah, there’s a bunch of things that I’d love to get but that’s not really the point. I think the main thing is just having a good time, spending it with family doing something I enjoy.

The only extent that I consider it a holiday is that I try to keep from having to work or take care of “gotta do’s” on that day. Everybody deserves to have their birthday off and in 51 years (52 next month) I’ve managed it almost every time.

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