Linux Question

I’ve managed to create an interesting “situation” in a recent attempt to create a dual boot setup with xp and Debian. The hardware:

ide0, 250 gb seagate pri master
ide1, 13 gb maxtor pri slave

What I wanted to do was have xp on ide0 and debian on ide1, then use the bios control to determine which drive is the boot drive on system startup.

This sounded like a perfectly reasonable way to have a dual boot without having debian ever touch ide0. It didn’t turn out that way.

The install went fine, and debian used ide1 just like I wanted. However when the install was done Grub had set itself up in the MBR of ide0 per the normal linux way.

What I want now is to find a way to *SAFELY* remove Grub from the MBR of ide0, restoring it to the condition it was in before all of this and try a different tack, probably by swapping drives physically or something.

How do I do this *WITHOUT* having to reinstall windows or lose data on ide0? As it is, I can’t even remove ide1 from the system because grub pukes if I do and won’t allow windows to boot.

Cell Jam?

I read recently that cell phone jamming is on the rise and I’m not surprised. People have gotten totally beyond rude with the way they use cellphones. They’re very often completely inconsiderate of the people around them that really DON’T want to hear half of their phone conversation (never mind all of it!).

These things have pretty sensitive microphones on them and can pick up very low speech. There’s no reason that anyone needs to get all loud and obnoxious with the things. Funny, they wouldn’t do that if they were using a old style hardwired phone.