Joe’s Nightmare

Some people think Joe is a bit odd because he’s always off by himself and is very obvious about how he goes out of his way to avoid being around more than one or two people, especially if he doesn’t already know them.

He’s not all that odd though. He is simply one of many that have a phobia (I forget the “official” name of it) that leaves him unable to function in crowds of people. In his case, a “crowd” is anything more than two people, three people if he’s having a good day.

His problem is complicated by a recurring nightmare in which he finds himself in his underwear holding a guitar, in front of a crowd of thousands… all of whom are demanding that he perform in spite of the fact that he doesn’t even know how to hold the instrument, never mind play it.

All things considered, I’d say that Joe is doing pretty good under the circumstances.

This Is Gonna Be A Mess

Recently yoga guy has been adding more instruments to his supply. This in itself isn’t new because he’s always giving them away to people who agree to play along with a large number of other total amateurs at one of his four am “concerts”.

Thing is this is looking more like a large push than simple restocking. In the last few days he’s ordered no less than three dozen electronic drum kits and another three dozen acoustic guitars. Today somebody got a look at his laptop at the Nutjob Hills Diner while he was in the restroom. His web browser was open to

According to people at a nearby table that overlooks his, he had been looking at that page for well over thirty five minutes. A sure sign that he is contemplating another purchase. This time it will probably be a large number of electronic guitars and I’m sure he’ll include amps and speakers for each.

it’s beginning to look like his next big “music” event is not only going to be loud, its likely going to stand and even greater chance than normal of causing the street lights to dim when he turns the power on for his amps.

Didn’t I Just Say . . .

I know I was just talking about technical terms and music. I know that I made it pretty clear that when it comes to music I’m not really the least bit interested in all the technical details about how something works, the gory details of what it does or anything else other than the *basic* function that it does and that it actually works when I plug it in.

Yet the virtual ink on that was hardly dry when along comes another situation where I’m bombarded by a boat load of technical information that, to be blunt, I don’t need.

You see the external speakers I use with my laptop because it’s internal speakers are a joke need to be replaced. They’re well over ten years old, I’m all the time having to adjust the positioning of the wires until they’re in just the right position to work and so on.

I don’t know or care to know the details of the circuitry that makes them work, I only care that most of the time these days they don’t work.

The problem is that I mentioned this to Joey the other day. He was just here, telling me about this thing called an elx215 that would be the ultimate speaker system.

He then went into painful detail about why it was so perfect. Finally he got around to showing it to me on the web.

I’m sure it’s a great speaker but really. Tell me who is going to use a thousand dollar speaker system for externals on a laptop?

Now if I had a band and was putting together a concert or if I was one of those people that love to always have music going with the most perfect quality possible then sure… this would be the thing to get.

Of course, I’m not that guy. I hardly ever listen to music outside of the background tracks used in movies and videos.

Technical Terms

I like to think of myself as a reasonably tech competent kind of person. As in I actually recognize a pretty fair number of technical terms for things an understand what many of them mean.

However it seems like there’s new one’s being created all the time and there’s just no way anyone can possibly know them all. The problem there is when somebody is talking about their favorite tech niche and starts dropping all these terms as if everybody knows what they’re talking about.

Joey can be this way sometimes. He was going on about some bit of hardware he wanted, one of the big features he liked about it was that it had HD Native MADI. I had to stop him right there and ask just exactly what that is.

This turned out to be a mistake.

After taking a moment to get past his disbelief that I didn’t know what he was talking about he started rattling off things about it.

After an hour or so of listening to him I think I did a reasonable job of convincing him that I understood what he meant and excused myself, claiming (truthfully) that I had some things to do that just wouldn’t wait.

In actual fact about all I got out of the conversation is that apparently it’s a computer transmission protocol for electronic music devices. I even looked it up on wikipedia and to be honest, most of what’s there is Greek to me.

Does this mean that I’ve fallen that far out of the technical loop? No. Not really. I think it just means that I’m simply not as far into music and music technology as he is and really, I’m ok with that. To me music is something I listen to once in a while because I like how something sounds. I really don’t care in the least about the details of how it happens.

Canine Arthritis

I have to say that while I’ve heard of all manner of diseases and such that dogs, cats and other pets can have, I had never heard of dogs having arthritis problems.

Oh I’ve heard a few people say such things about they’re pets but I always figured it was them deciding that this was the case when it was probably something else. Then recently I saw H3nry (yes, it’s actually spelled that way, somebody was sloppy and there was a typo on his birth certificate and nobody ever thought it was worth the time and money to get it fixed) at the Nutjob Hills Diner.

He was talking about a recent trip to the vet because his dog was acting like it was in pain all the time. As it turned out, after a number of lab tests and such the diagnosis was actually osteoarthritis. Thus H3nry ended up with a bottle of that he was giving his dog. After a couple of days of this the dog was acting a lot more like his old self.

I have to say I don’t envy H3nry. He’s going to be giving those pills to that dog for a long time to come. I’ve given pills to dogs (and worse yet, cats). While it’s often needed it is also a royal pain to do because they don’t understand that it’s to help them. All they know is that you’re trying to force them to eat something they don’t want.