Caution: Pushy Salesman At Play

I finally found out part of what that pushy salesman from Chicago has been up to lately that’s kept him from being quite so much of a royal pain in the arse. Seems that he’s gotten together with a group of people that spend a lot of time in the semi-organized sport of atv racing in the local junkyard.

That’s right. These people gather at the local automotive graveyard and hold races around (and frequently over) the junk cars parked there. As if the potholes and ruts aren’t enough of a hazard, part of the course (which changes every day) involves riding over junk cars that are in the way.

Personally I see this as a great way to end up in the hospital but everybody doing it is over 21 and technically sane enough to make their own decisions. Besides, it’s keeping him out of my hair and that’s worth a lot all by itself!

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Looking For Snow

That’s right. I’m actually looking for snow. Specifically, I’m looking forward to the onset of winter weather. Not simply because I have had more than enough hot weather but more because of a recent temporary addition to the population of Nutjob Hills.

This “person” (and I use that term very loosely) has managed to become a major thorn in my side almost overnight. Upon hearing that I have several websites he started by telling me that he is the most successful expert in Link Building Chicago has to offer. He’s on vacation now but he apparently likes to take his work with him.

He’s constantly asking me if I do this or that on my websites, offering me all kinds of tips on how to build incoming links and increase the ranking of my websites in the search engines and get more traffic.

The problem is that he doesn’t strike me as that much of an expert. So far every “suggestion” that he’s offered has either been elementary stuff I learned over ten years ago (most of which doesn’t work anymore), “black hat” tactics that legitimate search engines will de-list you for using, and spending huge amounts of money with the “promotion firm” that he works for.

Advertising like that I don’t need.

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