Thinking Of Dropping My Landline

Lately I’ve been giving serious thought to dropping my landline in favor of going cellular only as part of my efforts to reduce my bills to the point where I can actually pay all of them.

In all honesty I hardly ever use the voice phone. If it weren’t for the fact that my Internet service is part of my phone package I’d have dropped it three years ago.

Now that I have this free cellphone with a monthly allotment of free airtime minutes I am reconsidering the idea. My cellphone works good, I have never had any dropped calls on it in spite of living in a very rural area and recently I found out that the local phone company is now offering internet only packages.

That internet only package is about 50 a month where my current landline phone bill package is nearly 120 a month. so there’s a lot of savings to be had and very likely I’m going to make the switch next January.

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Why I Stopped Buying Minutes For My Cell Phone

A little over two and a half years ago I think it was my wife and I got a cell phone. She used it quite a bit because she was taking advantage of the free mobile to mobile airtime to make calls that would otherwise cost a small fortune in long distance bills.

After she died however I found that I personally had little to no use for it. At first I kept minutes on it and carried it around in case I needed to call for emergency assistance or make an extremely rare call while I was out. The thing is though that I was not using it very much at all. I made *maybe* two calls per month on it.

This to me didn’t justify buying airtime. Especially since the minutes I bought would expire if not used within thirty days and had to be bought in a minimum of $15.00 at a time. I could have had a 90 day expiration but that would have cost me $25.00 and I still would not have been able to use even half of that airtime in 90 days which means that again most of what I was paying for was being wasted.

So I stopped buying airtime and let the SIM card expire. I still have the phone and I still keep it’s battery charged. I use it’s alarm function when I need an alarm clock.

Other than that, it’s a paperweight. If it were a smartphone I’m sure I would have more use for it though I doubt that I would buy airtime for it. Instead I would use it’s Wi-Fi capabilities and it’s video camera would become part of my vlogging arsenel.

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A Gift I Wish I Could Give

One of the things that has frustrated the daylights out of me over the last year (or a little bit over actually, like five or six months) is the fact that most of my family cannot watch my videos.

The reason they can’t is because they only way they experience the internet is by way of their phones and those phones are not capable of watching youtube videos. What I’d like to be able to do is get about ten of those Android smart phones with htc sense and give them out for Christmas gifts. Then those who have not been able to watch my videos would finally be able to do so.

In the mean time, since I can’t do something really great like that, I’m going to make up some DVD’s with highlights of some of my favorite videos and send out copies of those to my internet deprived family members.

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Above The Law

NO, This is not a movie review.

I only wish it were.

Unfortunately the reason for this post being titled what it is has to do with certain alleged people that apparently consider themselves above the law, as in, it apparently does not apply to them.

You see, around here, just like in most places these days there are laws prohibiting the use of cell phones by the driver of a vehicle. There’s also more law prohibiting texting while driving.

Yet it never ceases to amaze me just how often I see idiots driving in rush hour traffic with one hand on the wheel and the other hand holding their ever present cell phones up to their ears, jabbering away like the mindless boobs they are.

Of course it’s always extras special to see some idiot kid riding around, using his or her knees to steer while they use both hands to send & receive text messages on said cell phone.

You think maybe it would do some good to pass a law making it legal to stop such an idiot, drag them out of the car and shove the cell phone into that dark, dank, smelly recess where the sun never shines?

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iPhone 4 PWNd by It’s Own Designers

The long awaited release of the iPhone 4 has finally happened. However it’s not living up to expectations. This is largely due to the fact that the designers at Apple must have had their heads deeply inserted in some warm dark cavity when they decided on it’s antenna design.

The antenna is located on the bottom left hand side of the phone. This means that when holding it, it has huge problems getting a signal and just how useful is a phone that you cannot hold?

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