New MacBook Pro – Gold Or Garbage?

There seems to be something of a difference of opinion on the matter. One the one hand, PC Magazine has featured a review in which the reviewer cannot sing the praises of the new machine loud enough. Reading his review I actually expected him to say that it was the best thing since sliced bread, though I suppose it’s fortunate that he didn’t actually say that.

Then on Computerworld there is a very critical piece talking about how this new machine with it’s $1800 base price (and you know almost nobody buys the base machine so most people will be paying a LOT more).

What they had to say about it was that it has some serious issues.

While disassembling a 15-in. MacBook Pro, — a site that regularly tears down electronics and publishes do-it-yourself repair guides — found several signs of substandard assembly.

We’re talking about everything from a stripped out screw to the fact that the infrared sensor’s ZIF socket was unlocked to an excessive amount of thermal heat sink paste applied to the CPU and the GPU which regardless of whether it may or may not do any harm it certainly shows some really sloppy workmanship.

All I can say is that, given this second report, I’m going to stick with my policy of not buying Apple computers newer than the Apple][e and steer well clear of this one. My recommendation is that you do the same.

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WBV Finds Another Winner!

Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to), a web video series based on youtube that is focused on trying to find the comparatively few Good videos in the ocean of crap that is the 35 hours worth of video uploaded to youtube every minute these days and feature them so that others won’t have such a hard time finding those deserving videos has found another true gem in the midst of all that false glitter.

In the fifth episode of WBV, one of the videos featured was ‘New Halloween Movie Trailer‘ by a creative but relatively unknown youtube personality, HamEntertainment.

This is a movie trailer style video that previews a horror movie about a serial killer that’s light years ahead of Michael Myers or Jason. In spite of the fact that it’s made by a guy that is working with little more than a camcorder and some friends & family, it’s got every bit as much potential as the latest Rob Zombie hit.

HamEntertainment has also said that if enough people like his movie trailer that he would go ahead with making the full movie. I would like to suggest that you take a look at the video below and if you like it, click here to subscribe to HamEntertainment and show your support for his making the full movie.

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Lady Gaga And A Big Blue Turkey

Once again it’s time for Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to). In this seventh episode of the rapidly rising to fame youtube series, there are several excellent videos featured and one great big blue turkey along with thanks to several people that made video responses to an earlier video.

Not only that, but there is also a guy wearing bacon pasties doing a Lady Gaga parody that’s to die for. (I’ll be posting that entire video in an upcoming post)

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Two More Reviews

I think I’m going to be doing a lot more reviewing of movies and videos. This episode of “Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to)” features a youtube video that, if you like horror movies, you absolutely WANT to see and something that Universal studios is doing that will leave you asking WTF?!?!?!?

Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so that you won’t miss upcoming reviews which I plan to be doing every Friday.

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The Worst Movie Ever Made

A little over a week ago I was *REALLY BORED* and was looking for something to do when I ran across the movie I review in this video. About the only good thing I can say about it is that there are no fat guys running around in women’s lingerie. Other than that, it has got to be the single biggest waste of time that anyone ever committed to video or actually spent money to make.

Before you ever even consider watching “Machine Head” I strongly advise you to check out this review which I did after watching over forty five minutes of this monstrosity.

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