He’s Not Just Late For Halloween

I have to admit though that when I first say Mr. Helpful the other day I thought perhaps that he was somehow either really late for Halloween or very early for next Halloween or perhaps he was playing some kind of practical joke on somebody. That last one was a bit of a stretch though because he’s never been much of a practical joker.

What caused me to think this was the wires that I saw coming out of his shirt pocket and going under his clothes. It turned out that they were attached to various points on his body. He explained that he was wearing an electric muscle stimulator, a device that is intended to stimulate the muscles to improve tone and also provide a certain amount of workout without him actively working out.

I was more than a little skeptical at first which of course, inspired him to explain in detail how Muscular electro-stimulation has been an accepted therapy for years and that the device in question has been cleared by the FDA and is NOT just some kind of whack job invention that’s more likely to electrocute you than anything else.

Still, It kinda makes me wonder if one day he’s going to pull a Terminator on me and cut the skin off of his arm to show a cybernetic structure underneath.

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Reducing Insulin Resistance

One of the things that I hope to accomplish as part and parcel with my efforts to lose weight is to eliminate my high blood sugar problem. I know already that losing weight by itself will help with achieving this goal but there are other factors such as insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is when the body is resistant to and cannot properly process insulin, which leads to high blood sugar problems. I was doing some research about it and ran across chromiumpolynicotinate.org, which talks about a dietary supplement called chromium polynicotinate. Apparently it’s a form of chromium that’s bound to Naicin (vitamin B3) that the body needs certain trace amounts of to help it deal with insulin and blood sugar properly.

My next big quest in this research is to find some locally and give it a sort of “test drive” to see it’s effects for myself.

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Mad Scientist Central

It really is. Nutjob Hills has the highest per capita population of actual mad scientists than anywhere else on the planet. And a bit of trivia, only a small percentage of them are actually angry-mad. Most of them are just varying degrees of crazy-mad.

A good example is the guy that is working on a miracle cure for Mesothelioma. He is convinced that the answer lies in recycled bat guano mixed with biscuits and gravy along with a rather impressive list of herbal dietary supplements. He’s been working on this “miracle cure” for over ten years now and I don’t believe he’s any closer to a solution than when he started. Though he’s always saying that the big breakthrough is just around the corner.

Personally, I don’t think he’s going to get anywhere until he decides to lose the bat guano.


Speed Limit Warp 10?

There’s a post on the blog “Treknicalities” that raises an interesting question. The question is, as the post is titled, “How Fast Is Too Fast?

To illustrate the question, in the TOS episode “The Naked Time”, when the Enterprise succeeds in pulling away from PSI2000 they are thrown back in time after exceeding warp 8. Yet in TNG it is made clear that speeds up to warp 10 are possible without causing a time warp. Enterprise-D is shown several times at speeds in excess of warp 9 without time warp effect.

TNG also makes clear, stating on several occasions that warp 10 is the theoretical limit to warp speed. Yet in TOS there are several times when Enterprise achieves speeds higher than warp ten. Sometimes resulting in time warp, sometimes not. (Time warp apparently involves pulling away from a high gravity situation.)

If you’ve got any thoughts on the matter, check out “How Fast Is Too Fast?” and leave your thoughts in the comments there.

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Phalse Physics

One of the many things that there is an abundance of in this world is people in pain. I’m not just talking about the little “ouch” pains, or even the bigger “damn that hurt!” pains. I’m talking about excruciating pain that pretty much rules and ruins not just your whole day, but major chunks of your life. Pain that is not only excruciating but does NOT go away. Ever.

That’s where bullshit products like the Amega Amwand come in. You see, they come along with their snake oil claims that their product, whatever it is, can cure all of your ills.

Of course, they can’t back those claims up with actual scientific studies and evidence. ALL of the so-called “evidence” is purely anecdotal … people talking about how wonderful it was and how fast and completely it cured their pain or whatever else was wrong with them. There are no studies by independent researchers, doctors and scientists.

Their explanation of how their miracle cure works relies on you accepting their claims about some proprietary process with an impressive sounding name.

These days they almost always use SEO and Internet Marketing tactics to ensure that every search keyword that is even remotely connected to their product, especially the negative keywords such as “scam”, are used in not just dozens, but hundreds of websites, blogs, article sites, forums, youtube, and so on that it becomes difficult if not impossible to find REAL, honest reviews by people that have tried it.

Such is the case with the Amega Amwand. Fortunately, I can give you a link to one such honest Amega Amwand review. It was written by someone that tried the Amwand for a full two months, using it as she was directed to. Her report of the utter, complete, total, absolute lack of any success at all of the Amwand to relieve any pain or live up to ANY of the myriad of claims made about it should be an eye opener to anyone that is considering buying it. Save your $300. Read that Amega Amwand review first.

What’s the Amwand’s big claim? It claims to use “Zero Point Energy”. Anyone that knows something about quantum physics can tell you that Zero Point energy is a pipe dream. Oh yeah there is such a thing but there is very likely no way that it’s ever going to be harnessed. Even if it is somehow put to use someday, it CANNOT do what the makers of the Amega Amwand claim.

Their claims are no better than those of the snake oil salesmen of the old west.

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