Joey’s Christmas List

As the Christmas holidays draw closer more and more people are getting their Christmas “I want” lists in order. Joey B is no different in that respect. He’s made his list. Not only that he’s printed it out and sent copies of it to anyone that he thinks might give him a gift for Christmas.

I got a copy of that list in the mail and It’s an interesting list because the only thing on it is a list of samsung lcd tvs. A the top of the page is a brief paragraph in which he explains that he’s wanted a flat screen High Definition TV since they first came out. He goes on to say that he’s done a lot of research and has decided that the samsung models that he has listed are the best choices.

He also says that another reason he likes them is because the linkstick device that samsung sells will allow him to use the flat screen hi def tv as a computer monitor that will make browsing the interenet a stunning visual experience.

This may sound like an expensive Christmas list but believe me, around here that one is mild. I can’t wait to see Chucky’s list. Now there’s a guy with expensive tastes!

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The Free Google Tv That Wasn’t

Not long ago, as part of a promotion, Google had this contest on youtube where they were giving away a “Google Tv” to a hundred people. It ran for a month or more and a boatload of people got involved in it.

The thing is once the contest was over that’s when it became obvious that this “free” tv wasn’t *quite* free. Oh, granted, the unit itself was free. But it was still necessary for the winners to get a high def tv, tv mounts, and all the other assorted little doodads that are needed to make such a setup work.

Then of course, since this thing basically puts the internet on your tv, there is also the consideration of how much bandwidth it’s using. I haven’t seen any numbers but I’ll just bet that people in areas that don’t have the faster broadband access available will end up finding that the Google tv eats up most, if not all, of their bandwidth really quickly. After all, High Def streaming video takes a LOT of bytes.

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Stupid Obnoxious Commercials

I fully understand that advertising is extremely important to a lot of sites because it’s how those sites make the money needed to keep them online and lets not forget about the profits that inspire the powers that be to WANT to keep it online.

What I DO have a problem with is the stupidity of many commercials and the way some of them do obnoxious things like using the old television trick of setting the commercial volume significantly higher than that of the program. As you can guess, online video sites like, are some of the worst offenders. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hulu and I watch a lot of video there, I just think that a lot of the advertising leaves a lot to be desired.

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Lois witnesses the murder of Vincent Winninger, a reclusive scientist who reveals a powerful industrialist’s scheme to destroy the Amazon rain forest. Elliot Gould guest stars.

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