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If you like my videos, whether it be the YTO vlogs, my Phat Trek videos, The Troll, Epicman, Bob the opinionated gerbil, Sir Gorf the talking British frog, Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to), WFRT News and other semi-random videos or the Minecraft videos on my channel and would like to help make it easier for me to make them, feel free to send a donation of any amount.

All donations will go towards paying bills (Rent, Utilities, internet access, Propane) and once they are all *FINALLY* caught up, getting better hardware and software for video recording and editing and things like web hosting, domain registration, and other necessities of life as we know it in this often ugly world.

Things like building a computer that is much better suited to gaming than my laptop is. Something with a graphics card that is jacked up enough to run Minecraft and render video at the same time.

As for the paying bills part. I think that one’s pretty self explanatory. Paying the bills just isn’t very easy at all these days. Especially when you’re financially very deep in the hole like I’ve been since my wife died three years ago. It doesn’t help that paid work is getting more hard to find by the day.

Anyone who donates will (if they want, I know some don’t) get a shout-out in an upcoming video and an in-game landmark or structure will be named in honor of them. (Yeah I know I’m not the first to do that but that’s ok, it’s still a good idea.)


The paypal donate button is here: I had put a copy of it on this page but for some reason it glitched out and didn't want to work.

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