IPhone Hits Europe

Well Apple’s IPhone is now “officially” going on sale in Europe and just like when it hit the stores here, people are lining up for the privilege of paying WAY too much for an overpriced gadget that, while it’s got a lot going for it to be sure, it’s also not essential to have.

The news article I saw didn’t say one way or another if Europeans are going to have the same restriction to only one carrier that they’ve tried to lock us into, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if AT&T had the same “official” lock on business there that they have here.

Good thing people have worked out and are keeping up with IPhone unlocking methods

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Bumps In The Road to Digital Tv?

It’s looking like there are some at least. One of the first indicators of trouble is the chief of the agency charged with handling the transition has resigned “to pursue new opportunities“.

Quick recap: on Feb 18, 2009 analog tv signals will be turned off. At that point, if you don’t either have a digital tv or a digital reciever in a ‘set top box’ to convert the digital signal to something your analog set can receive, then your old analog set will just sit there as a decoration.

This agency is charged with handling the transition.. they’ve spent 1.5 Billion for converter boxes to enable old sets to continue to be useful. The problem is that they’ve only set aside 5 million of that for education.. which means that a LOT of people don’t know about this or what to do about it.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has a program that will start after the first of the year making available two $40 coupons to each household so that they can buy two converter boxes. But almost nobody knows about this, where to get the coupons, where to USE the coupons… etc..

Some serious education is needed here and fast.

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Moving Domains

I’m feeling a tad lazy right now so I’m going to ask here some questions about moving a domain from one host to another.

I have a domain with several subdomains. Can I move them separately so that I don’t have to do the entire domain and all of the subdomains all at the same time?

What I’d like to do is move the primary domain first, leaving the subdomains on the old host. Then move one subdomain every day until the job is done.

I know, lots will say “google is your friend”, indicating I should dig in search engines for answers. To which I’ll respond “google isn’t anybody’s friend, I don’t use it anymore.” and that I’ve been looking around in several places without finding clear answers yet.

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Texas Blogger Sued

There is a school district in Port Arthur that is suing a blogger for what It is calling “libelous material” on her blog and are demanding that she remove them. The blogger of course is saying that they are just opinions.

The lawsuit claims that the entries in question: “accuse Superintendent Lynne Cleveland, trustees and administrators of lying, manipulation, falsifying budget numbers, using their positions for ‘personal gain,’ violating the Open Meetings Act and spying on employees, among other things.”

I just hope that before any blog entries or comments are removed, that “archival backups” are made by readers of that blog so that they can appear (perhaps anonymously) in various places on the Internet in the interest of promoting freedom of speech.

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You Have No Clue How Much You’re Being Tracked Online

I’m not actually a gambling type, but I think I’d be save betting that the above statement is true for the overwhelming majority of people using the Internet today. An article about online tracking on the CompuerWorld site is one that you should read if you have any illusions about having privacy online.

Summing it up simply, advertising networks and websites track people. It’s a major part of their business to do it. They spend a lot of time and lawyer money to work out ways to say they won’t and then get away with doing it anyway and it’s not just tracking. This also involves them collecting and sharing information about as many people as possible. Again they spend a lot of time and lawyer money coming up with ways to say how little they do and yet manage to do SO much more than they claim, keeping and sharing selling data far longer and with more people & companies than they’re willing to admit to.

As I implied, there ARE plenty of people that have an idea how much tracking and data mining is going on and have actually worked out ways to keep from being tracked, but these people are comparatively rare…. (Think hen’s teeth).

As a starting point, get a Usenet news reader and start reading in alt.privacy and alt.privacy.spyware just to get started.

[Xnews is perhaps the best one around and it’s free and find out from your ISP what your Usenet news feed address is or if they don’t carry Usenet, check out TeraNews, it’s a $3.95 signup fee and is free forever after]

*Note* If you’re new to Usenet I advise reading for a week or to to get an idea of the proper etiquette for posting. Also, DON’T use “Google Groups”! People posting to Usenet from Google Groups are widely ignored or flamed because most of what is posted from GG is … well, more trouble than it’s worth.

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